Sturiër 520 OC

With the Sturier 520 oc you opt for a boat that puts evolution before revolution. This approach combines beauty with a timeless design, which has been projected into the future from a long maritime tradition. The result is a vessel whose lines have effortlessly withstood the vicissitudes of time. You are also opting for a boat that meets the most extreme limits of your requirements, being as much at home on the North Sea as on the canals of France and the Rhine. Its great range and absolute seaworthiness are accompanied by maximum comfort aboard. The Sturier employs all the newest techniques that make cruising both effortless and agreeable.


o.a. Hull lenght in metres: 14,99 m.
Beam in metres: 4,65 m.
Draft in metres: 1,4 m.
Displacement in T: 32
Max. height above waterline: 3,5 m.
Certificate: CE, Catagorie A
Construction: steel
Interior: teak
Number of cabins: 3
Hull frames: multi-chine
Steering: hydraulic


2x 125 kW
Max. speed in knots: 10
Cruising speed in knots: 9
Radius in nautical miles: 1200
Capacity Diesel fuel: 3000 L
Bowthruster: yes

Capacity fresh water: 1500 L
Water system: electric
Hot water system: boiler 60 L
Douches: 2
Capacity dirtwater: 350 L
Heating: yes

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