Maintenance, refit, winter storage

Good maintenance is important. It is your boat’s lifeblood and results in operational reliability and safety. Volharding Staveren Shipyard is the ideal shipyard to have your Sturiër maintained or refitted. We know your yacht down to the finest detail and have ample experience with installing any extras you may require. We can also be of service if your yacht is not a Sturiër. You won’t be disappointed by our quality standards.


We have drawn up a maintenance plan for regular maintenance. This list sets out which work has to be carried out on your yacht and when, including an engine service and preparation for winter.

Download list [pdf]

On-site repairs

It is also possible to have maintenance and repairs carried out on-site. We have sufficient jetty space of our own to carry out minor repairs and service work.

Modifications and installation

As well as regular maintenance we carry out all sorts of repairs and installation, such as:

  1. Stainless steel work (oval railings, inlet grids, etc.)
  2. Installation of bow/stern thrusters, collapsible masts, stabilisers, etc.
  3. Painting, sandblasting, gelcoat repairs and polishing work
  4. Hydraulic systems
  5. Electrical systems and navigation equipment
  6. Steel/aluminium and polyester work
  7. Reupholstering your yacht
  8. Ship’s carpentry, carpentry renovation, teak decks (also synthetic)
  9. Fitting heating systems (including floor heating)

Photo’s maintenance


Picture this: you’ve fallen for a beautiful classic yacht, but the maintenance is overdue and the fittings and accessories are no longer produced. Or the boat’s layout doesn’t meet the requirements of its new purpose. Or perhaps your boat’s maintenance is overdue or there are too many signs of usage. In these cases Volharding Staveren Shipyard can bring your yacht complete back up-to-date. The options are unlimited. All you have to do is set your budget.

Winter storage

Recent winters have been cold and stormy. For that reason more and more boat owners are choosing to make use of a boatshed during the winter months. Our boatshed is completely fitted out for the storage of larger motor boats and sailing yachts. All necessary facilities are available for refits, repairs or maintenance work. If you pay us a visit you’ll soon see that we have substantial sheltered storage capacity: we can offer our customers a ‘warm coat’ of almost 2,000 m². You can also arrange for us to collect your boat and take it back to your current location in the spring or autumn.

Our boatshed is heated to a minimum temperature of 8°C. This protects the interior of your boat, including all of its electrics, electronics and cabling, from dampness and subzero temperatures. And just as importantly: everything is protected against burglary.


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