Inland waters

Coastal waters, lakes, rivers and canals

The special restrictions and laws governing the European inland waterways have played an important part in the design of the Sturiër Hybrid-range. For example yachts longer than 15 metres require a Licence to travel on the German Rhine. The size of the yacht is important on the French canals: the maximum headway for these waterways is 3.5m and the maximum draught 1.8m.

PrintHybrid technology offers you fuel economy, complete silence and extra safety in the event of unexpected engine failure.

  • Custom build Sturiër

    Over the years, we have established ourselves as a custom-built shipyard, known for our outstanding quality for very competitive prices. Providing richly equipped custom yachts at prices of conventional production motor yachts. We offer a staggering list of “extras” all included as standard, combined with full customisation.
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