Get the feeling


Safety-conscious and robust

You will be utterly convinced of the Sturiër’s capabilities.  You will always arrive relaxed at your destination, without feeling uncertain or unsafe for a second on the way.  The robust build, the seaworthy lines and the excellent stability will make you feel a true mariner on board your Sturiër, which will guarantee many exciting adventures.


Stylish and luxurious

If you are looking for a motor yacht with international flair and endless possibilities, put ‘Sturiër Yachts’ at the top of your shortlist. Whether you are looking for adventure, comfort, or peace and quiet, you will find it on board a Sturiër. With these comfortable, robust, seaworthy and, moreover, luxurious cutters you will open up new horizons in every respect. You will get a wonderful feeling of freedom; the Sturiër feeling.


Every day a new beginning

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, the sun is already high in the sky and the smell of fresh coffee is wafting up from the galley.  Pure perfection. On board the stylish Sturiër yachts you will want for nothing, whether you plan to follow in the wake of the early explorers over the high seas or prefer to cruise with your family down Europe’s rivers.  Every day your Sturiër will bring you somewhere new. Every day a new beginning.